Our dinosaurs come from far and wide, and are visiting us from a time very, very long ago. Despite this, they love meeting all the humans and showing them their histories and backgrounds! You'll be surprised at how friendly they actually are.

Our dinosaurs would love to meet you wherever you live, so please get in touch with us if you'd like them to come to your city! They are very interested in learning about different cultures and nationalities, and will gladly show you everything about themselves in return. Even though they are pretty famous, they don't have big egos and will stay true to their prehistoric roots throughout their visit to your town. Locals from all over South Africa and Zambia will pay testament to how gracious and accommodating these enormous lizards are. Don't judge them before you meet them!

The only complaint that we have received is when our dinosaurs escape from the exhibition - this usually happens before we open our doors, as they are very keen to meet all the local people. If you spot one of them in your garden, don't worry - they won't eat you or your pets, but are likely to enjoy a bite of your plant or any leftovers outside your fridge. During exhibition time, they always stay put in order to meet visitors every day, all the time.


All DinosAlive staff are friendly, helpful and able to assist you with all dino-related questions. Child safety is also a high priority at all DinosAlive exhibitions.


From the movie legend Velociraptor, the massive plant-eater Diplodocus, iconic killing machine T-Rex to the gigantic carnivore Spinosaurus, to more obscure name like Saltasaurus, Iguanodon and Oviraptor, DinosAlive showcases dinosaurs from all walks of pre-historic life.