DinosAlive to spend holiday in Cape Town

The DinosAlive Exhibition Floor Plan – Bloemfontein, South Africa
August 25, 2016
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March 6, 2017

DinosAlive to spend holiday in Cape Town

The lifelike dinosaurs of the DinosAlive exhibition will be spending their summer at the Capegate Mall in Cape Town from 18 November 2016 until 8 January 2016. The showcase offers visitors the chance to experience 25 animatronic dinosaurs (with moving limbs, eyes that blink and more) in a fun, interactive environment.

“We are very pleased to return to Cape Town after having a highly successful inception in 2014,” says Etienne Schlechter, Director of Expo Africa and organiser of the event. “The reception and feedback we receive from audiences – young and old alike – has been overwhelming!”

Each model dinosaur is built to closely replicate its real-life counterpart. Visitors can look forward to seeing celebrity dinos such as the infamous carnivore T-Rex, movie star Velociraptor and gigantic herbivore Diplodocus. For the more discerning dino-lover, there are also obscure names like the South African Pachycephalosaurus, terrifying Spinosaurus and egg-poaching Oviraptor on display.

“It’s top priority for us that everyone has loads of fun at the exhibition. We have an ‘excavation site’, – a sandpit full of ‘fossils’ for young archaeologists to put their skills to the test – dinosaur rides, face painting, a drawing table, jumping castle and PlayStation games to keep the kids busy,” Schlechter continues. “For the adults, there’s a dino movie room, fossil display site and Dino Café.”

DinosAlive believes that it’s important that visitors feel that they have also learned something at the exhibition upon departure. For this purpose, there are information boards explaining all three dinosaur eras. Visitors can also obtain a souvenir from the DinosAlive merchandise shop to commemorate the fun experience.

Tickets for the DinosAlive exhibition at Capegate Shopping Center in Cape Town are currently on sale online at online.computicket.com. Prices are R75 for children between 2-16 years and R100 for adults. Tickets will also be on sale at the door during the time of the exhibition.